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Born from nostalgia passed down by our parents and grandparents, our smoking business began from never wanting to throw any of our Pine Tree Seafood inventory.

In 2019, we’d keep salmon trim pieces in the freezer, making salmon cakes from them and donating what we made to local food kitchens.

We soon realized we could do more, so we invested in a smoker and began experimenting with creative recipes. Dunstan Smokehouse was born.

Today, we have a growing list of delicious smoked seafood, available locally in Scarborough, Maine, or for wholesale or delivery around the United States. Don’t miss our exciting selection of smoked seafood.

The Team


Jim Hartley is a lifelong entrepreneur. Starting from humble beginnings growing up on a Central Maine dairy farm to earning his business degree from the University of Maine, he then moved to Colorado for 10 years. There, he went to a ski school and – more interestingly – began his first business: a soup and whiskey tavern called The Goat. In the early 2000s, Jim moved back to Maine, met his wife, and his entrepreneurial spirit was rekindled. Partnering with his father-in-law, Dick Whitmore, he bought Pine Tree Seafood. Jim’s deep love for business and growing something out of nothing has resonated throughout his career and continues into the launch of Dunstan Smokehouse.


Since 2016, Jeremy has been working with the Pine Tree Seafood team. With seafood in his blood, both he and his family are passionate about lobstering. (Jeremy’s uncle even built a lobster boat!) Aside from his favorite at Dunstan’s – the smoked mussels – he loves air frying salmon nuggets and adding some chili aioli on the side. Outside of Dunstan’s, Jeremy enjoys fishing, going to the beach, working out, and trying new restaurants.

Favorite seafood: Garlic + olive oil smoked mussels


Born in Maine, Kane moved to South Carolina for a time, but kept coming back to New England every summer. He attended Clemson University for Biosystems Engineering, and attributes much of his education to helping with the food science behind everything at Dunstan Smokehouse. What’s more: he personally loves smoked salmon and appreciates that smoking is a natural way to preserve without additives. Kane cares deeply about Dunstan’s responsibility to source sustainable seafood, working closely with seafood farm partners.

Favorite seafood: Bluefin Torro (stomach cut), Smoked salmon and mussels


A Scarborough native, Sam has been working at Pine Tree Seafood since 2016. During his time off, he’s passionate about indoor and outdoor rock climbing, golf, skiing, and snowboarding. While his favorite seafood is grilled bluefin tuna, it was clear to Sam once he tried the seafood from Dunstan’s that there was something amazing about smoking. After all, according to him, one of the most important aspects of selecting the right seafood is all about how you cook it.

Favorite seafood: Smoked char first, garlic + olive oil smoked mussels are a close second


Born in Maine, Jameson traveled to both Northern Virginia and Boston before returning home to Maine. In Boston, he majored in Communications, Film and Theater at Curry College. But Jameson always had a passion for seafood; in particular, he’s devoted to the sustainability and treatment of the sea life they handle at Dunstan Smokehouse. Specifically, he’s always had a desire to find high quality fish farms that treat their stock with respect and care.

Favorite seafood: Salmon and lobster
Loves: Crispy, jerky pieces of smoked salmon

Our Process

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Not all smoked seafood is created equal. To get the best flavor and quality smoked seafood, it’s important to choose the finest fish and shellfish from a sustainable source. Dunstan Smokehouse is committed to providing the highest quality smoked seafood, using only local or responsibly sourced partners and seafood farms or fisheries. As a result, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible smoked seafood when you choose Dunstan Smokehouse.

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In order to smoke seafood, the first step is to cure it with salt. This helps to preserve the fish, as well as add flavor and quality. There are two methods of curing fish with salt: wet brining and dry salting. Wet brining involves soaking the fish in a solution of salt, sugar, and spices, while dry salting simply involves covering the fish with salt. The method of choice depends on the type and size of the fish being smoked.

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Once the fish or shellfish has been cured, it’s then dried and smoked over a low fire. The result is delicious smoked seafood that can be enjoyed year-round. It can be smoked using a variety of hardwoods, giving it a unique flavor that is perfect for any dish. We use an assortment of Maine woods, including applewood, maplewood, and cherrywood. From there, smoked seafood can either be cold or hot smoked. Each method gives the fish a different flavor, so we’re particular about choosing the right method for the desired taste.

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In order to achieve the perfect flavor, smoked seafood must be cooled down to 38°F or below prior to packaging. (This helps to maintain the integrity and freshness of the fish or shellfish.) At Dunstan Smokehouse, we’re constantly trying to find the best sustainable ingredients and recipes to create the perfect smoked seafood. After all, we want you to love each and every bite you taste from our smokehouse.




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